2D CAD/Printing

Once the collar was assembled, I modeled it myself. It has been a while since I last sewed, so the stitches are not perfect on the velcro edge.

Sewing for NASA

Sewing for NASA Through History There is a long and impressive history of sewing for NASA.  This was one of the hidden jobs that women performed in early days of spaceflight.  Talented seamstresses assembled the first space suits with exceeding precision.  Similarly, early computers relied on read-only memory hand woven by ladies which were essential …

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LunAero Crowdfunding Campaign

LunAero This week, the University of Oklahoma Aeroecology Biologging group started a crowdfunding campaign for LunAero: an automated lunar bird tracking device. Since this is one of the projects I’m spearheading as part of my postdoctoral position in the lab of Dr. Eli Bridge, I’d like to walk through the current design here. Take a …

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