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Back from Hiatus

I have returned from the dead and am back from hiatus. This brief intermission was due to moving and real-life delays. Please enjoy this entertaining image of my cat carrying his favorite toy as a gesture, re-welcoming you to this blog now that I am back from hiatus.


Continued from the last two weeks, here is the final installment of The Witch Mask. Internals With the witch mask exterior painted and sealed, the internals were applied.  The interior was painted black with acrylic paint and sealed with Mod Podge.  I wanted to avoid using a strap around the back, as I have found …

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Continuing from last week’s post, here is part 2 of The Witch Mask. Designing the Face After several more layers of my special paper mache/plaster mix, the mask has been built up to a the final texture.  For this mask, I believe I have 5 more layers since the first two I showed last week. …

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In early 2014, I was inspired to make some mask art.  The final piece has no proper name, but I refer to it when speaking to others as “The Witch Mask”.  Work on the mask was undertaken over several months, finally completed in October 2014.  This post and the related follow up posts will detail …

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