IBM Model M Mod

I decided that I should do my own IBM Model M mod.  In early March of 2015, I bought a Model M from a Geekhack user on the cheap.

The original IBM Model M I purchased with the cap covers off.

The keyboard was bolt modded, had a wonky membrane, and no cable.  I did a few mods to it.

The Caps

I dyed the caps aqua colored utilizing Jacquard iDye.  I boiled water and used an old metal colander to submerge the caps.  I oriented the caps in the same direction in the bath, and that gave them a nice gradient.

The keyboard with the case removed.

The electronics

Since few new computers come with AT-DIN connectors any more, for this IBM Model M Mod, I wanted to add a USB.  The original connector of this board was a hard-wired DIN connection.  I removed the old connector and added a Teensy for USB capabilities.  Desoldering the wires was easy enough, but I actually went through a few Teensys in the process.  I had a Teensy 2.0, but while soldering it I damaged one of the resistors/capacitors and the socket.  I did some work on it with the Teensy 2.0+, but I am going to use that for another project.  I bought a Teensy LC, but the ARM processor was giving me problems.  So I finally went with another 2.0.

I’m pretty proud of the usb connector.  I took the old DIN socket and ripped it all to hell with my Dremel.  I made little slots so the teensy board would slide in and super glued it to that spot.  I filled in the open area with epoxy clay so it looks fairly clean.

The clean surface of the USB connector.

I also desoldered all of the old ugly green LEDS and resistors on the breakout board.  I put in their place some bright blue LEDs and appropriate resistors for them.  Now everything looks bright and color coordinated.

I'm glad that I went with the bright LEDs. If you aren't blinded by your keyboard numlock, you aren't doing it right.

The Artisan Keys

I have a BS compatible Brobot from [Ctrl]Alt  as the escape key.  This picture is nice because it really shows off the color gradient on the other caps.

Purple Bro

I also have a pair of glorious multi-shot Krap bonus caps on the pause and scroll lock buttons.

One-off Krap caps - art if you like it.

Now I have a very attractive IBM Model M Mod.

The Finished IBM Model M Mod