Okstate LaTeX Dissertation Template

Dissertation Publication

Since my dissertation was recently published (see last weeks post), I thought I would post the template I used to create it. Oklahoma State University does not currently offer a default LaTeX template for a dissertation. Instead, they only offer a Word template (gross!). I took it upon myself to make an Okstate LaTeX dissertation template.

Okstate LaTeX Dissertation Template

Lofty Goals

If you were putting off learning LaTeX, but have a big upcoming task such as a dissertation to write, I strongly encourage you to try it. I hope that by making my Okstate LaTeX dissertation template available to everyone, life could get a bit easier.

Please note that this template is unofficial, so I make no claims that this 100% meets the standards of the graduate college. However, the Okstate LaTeX dissertation template I created was accepted for publication with no issues. I have attempted to make this available through official channels. Sadly, the graduate college matriculation department has not replied to my contact attempts.

Github Link and Invitation

Find the link to the template below. If you have any changes or comments, please feel free to contact me. Additionally, forks of this work are encouraged to improve the material for future students. Outreach and publication are at the core of a doctoral degree!